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60 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ per Article

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Title : 60 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ per Article
link : 60 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ per Article

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60 Websites That Pay Writers $50+ per Article

If yous guide keep a passion for words as well as dear writing yous tin give the axe earn steady income online. There are many ways to approach online writing.
You could convey article requests from tertiary parties on a website similar iwritter. Alternately write for article submission sites that portion revenue alongside their authors.
Other methods include owning your ain spider web log as well as monetizing alongside advertisements or affiliate links. You could write an article as well as identify them for sale or examine invitee posting for cash.
A proficient means to earn income is pay for postal service websites. You tend to earn to a greater extent than for your seek per each postal service if accepted on such sites.
Freelancers tin give the axe earn upwards of $50 per postal service on the sites listed below. They comprehend a large spectrum of topics from fashion, beauty, health, politics, engineering scientific discipline as well as full general topics.
You mightiness guide keep to pitch the article to some, land others characteristic them straight on the site. Most of the articles sites pay from $50-$350 per articles. Here is a listing of websites that pay writers for articles.
60 Websites That Pay Writers $50 per Article
1.RankPay is a proficient site for subjects related to content marketing , social media, Search Engine Optimization, as well as blogging. Negotiable-$50
2. Penny Hoarder is a real pop site alongside huge audience they focus on coin making ideas. Price negotiable
3.Work Online $50 pr post
4. Mirasee focuses on trouble concern as well as productivity issues-1000-2000 words-$200
5.Priceonomics  write on specific topics as well as pay-$50
6. Modern Farmer farm related articles-$150
7. IncomeDiary convey brand coin online articles-$50-$200
8.FreelanceMom trouble concern ideas-$75-$100
9. Doctor of Credit personal finance articles
10.CEO Hangout success stories, CEO lifestyle articles
11. DailyWorth women issues as well as coin matter
12.eCommerce Insider online retailing articles
13. FreelanceMom parents running successful businesses
14.Brazen focuses on networking, marketing, HR, recruiting
15. Skirt  women’s issues
16.LightHouse articles yesteryear visually impaired writers
Essay Type Articles
17.Narratively focuses on specific topics-100
18. Eureka Street  politics, religion-200
19.Cosmopolitan college-100
20.Dame full general articles-200
21.The Establishment reported stories-125
22.Aish get-go soul narratives on orthodox Jewish beliefs-200
Parenting as well as Family Issues
23. WellFamily parenting blog-pitch-$100
24. Parent.co identify unit of measurement as well as parenting-$50
25.Stork Guide newborns pregnancy-$50 per post
26.Babble beauty manner parenting-$100-$150
27.Vice technology, food, fashion, music- negotiable
28.Upworthy pays $100-$200 for 500 words post
29. Two PlusTwo Magazine Magazine Poker-$200
30.Smithsonian Magazine huge payout $600
31.YouTango love, sex, relationship, travel, mental wellness issues-$50
32. TheDaily Beast -pitch-negotiable
33. getAbstract getAbstract mass summaries-2000-4000 words-$300
34. BookBrowse  book reviews-$50
35.Bitch Magazine-pop culture-negotiable
36. Knitty  articles on knitting-$120-$200
37.Lifezette faith, parenting, politics-$100-$200
38 Salon essays-$100-$200
39.Paste general-$50
40.New York observer politics-$100
41. Listverse top 10 listing related posts-$100
42.Gothamist New York focused reporting-$50-$150
Health Issues
43.PsychCentral mental wellness issues
44. The Atlantic’s pays $200
45.The Anxiety Foundation mental wellness issues
46. WordCandy  ghostwriting
47.Tuts tech related tutorials-$100
48. Indeni  Firewall-$50-$200
49. AList Apart spider web blueprint articles-$200
50.SlickWP Wordpress, Genesis Them framework-$100
51.Noupe spider web design
52. PVM Garage spider web coding as well as design
53. instantShift
54.Viator Travel Blog 1000-2000 words $100-$150
55 Net Tuts
56. UX Booth-web blueprint pays $100 per article
57. Photoshop Tutorials- $50-$300
58. Spyre Studio spider web blueprint tutorials $50+
59.The Change Agent- adult educational activity 250-1000 words pays $50 per article
60. Dollar Stretcher full general topics

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