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How to Start a Plantain or Banana Farm inwards Nigeria

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Title : How to Start a Plantain or Banana Farm inwards Nigeria
link : How to Start a Plantain or Banana Farm inwards Nigeria

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How to Start a Plantain or Banana Farm inwards Nigeria

The same procedure applies for both plantain in addition to banana farm. Plantain farming is a highly profitable describe of piece of job concern venture. The amazing thing close this fruit is yous exercise the planting i time in addition to earn income for years. 
The flora contains depression sugar, starch in addition to produces suckers that grow into other plantain trees. Predominantly flora inwards tropical regions the delicious fruit is eaten every bit a whole repast or snack.
How Plantain is eaten
Plantain could endure eaten raw, boiled, steamed, grilled or fried. It is the primary component inwards plantain chips or for sure Nigerian dishes.
It is likewise processed into plantain flour in addition to sold inwards local markets. There are likewise huge export potentials for the fruit.
How to Start a Plantain Farm inwards Nigeria
  • Planning
  • Procure Land
  • Prepare soil
  • Purchase suckers
  • Control weeds
plantain farming
The most of import expression of the performance is planning. The planning involves plain selection, availability of water, labor requirements in addition to planting.
Other requirements are initial funding, irrigation, purchase of organic manure, equipment in addition to leaching schedule.
Top Nigerian United States of America that Produce Plantain
Plantain grows inwards areas alongside regular rainfall in addition to moderate climate. It does non grow good inwards areas of hot humid climates or really mutual depression temperature regions.
There are many states inwards Nigeria were yous honor plantain. They are flora inwards Lagos, Edo, Cross River in addition to Akwa ibom. Other areas are Ogun state, Ondo, Osun, Oyo in addition to Ekiti state.
  • Lagos
  • Edo
  • Cross river
  • Akwa ibom
  • Ogun state
  • Ondo
  • Osun
  • Oyo
  • Ekiti state.
The most of import expression of agricultural farming is procuring land. Farming lands are unremarkably flora inwards barren plots inwards the metropolis or rural areas. Ideally farm lands are flora exterior the urban urban substance limits.
The the world of choice should endure fertile, loamy in addition to rich inwards organic matter. You could exercise composite from agricultural waste matter in addition to organic fertilizer.
The the world should get got expert drainage arrangement in addition to located inwards the tropics. The location should get got periods of steady rainfall to arrive at maximum yield.
Preparing the Soil
The offset measurement is to demarcate the percentage of the world yous wishing to farm. An surface area alongside rich dense vegetation is ideal for plantain farming.
Once the the world is acquired yous demand to ready the soil for the crops. The the world is cleared past times removing stones, cutting vegetation, plants in addition to uprooting stumps.
The procedure could endure facilitated through manual or mechanized machinery. You could salve your forcefulness past times employing casual labor to clear in addition to till the land.
  • Demarcate the percentage of land
  • Remove dense vegetation
  • Clear the land
  • Removing stones
  • Uprooting stumps.
plantain suckers
Plantain Suckers
Plantain Suckers
Once the soil is prepared to have the plants yous demand to procure plantain suckers. Plantains grow through the procedure of propagation.
They grow naturally from rhizomes or suckers planted past times the farmer. There are iii types of sucker produced past times plantain the maidenhead, H2O suckers in addition to sword suckers.
Sword suckers consist of a narrow base of operations in addition to are ideal for propagation. Maidenheads are likewise used through an intensive procedure to arrive at results. While the H2O suckers are non ideal candidates for propagation.
Makes for sure yous purchase the suckers from reputable farmers inwards bulk. You could likewise approach an agricultural interrogation establishment for suckers.
The plantain suckers are to a greater extent than oft than non planted 9-10 feet apart. This is done to accommodate the large fruiting flora in addition to trim down soil competition.
Types of Suckers
  • Maidenhead
  • Water sucker
  • Sword sucker
To ready the the world for planting hire casual workers alongside cognition of farming. There project description includes weeding, tilling the the world in addition to using composite material. Alternately procure mechanized mechanism in addition to ready the the world yourself.
Farm Maintenance
Once yous get got planted the suckers yous demand to hold the farm. Irrigation should endure periodic in addition to preclude weeds in addition to competitive vegetation.
Use herbicide in addition to apply organic fertilizer when appropriate. Organic manure helps hold moisture, regulated temperature in addition to soil acidity. 
Marketing in addition to Harvesting
There is continues procedure of harvesting on maturity of the fruit. It takes close 8-10 months to plough over amount maturity in addition to the fruit is removed but earlier amount ripeness.
Sell your plantain wholesale to marketplace women or fruit vendors. You could sell to manufacturing companies that purpose the production or reckon exporting your produce.

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